How Often Should You be Washing Your Dyed Hair

Many people do not take into account what washing your hair truly does. Each time your hair is washed it is stripped of its natural oils. It is imperative not to wash your too frequently when it is dyed because the dye has already stripped your hair. Many people believe that they have to wash their hair everyday.

The type of your hair matters when deciphering how often you should be washing it. Curly, thick, or coarse hair can go longer without appearing oily because it takes longer for the oil to get down each strand. Thinner, straighter hair will appear oilier quicker because oil can travel faster. So people with this type of hair generally wash their hair more often, every 1-2 day, compared to curly, thick, coarse hair, which can go 3 days without being washed. There are other factors that come into play in this as well. If you work out daily, your hair will get sweaty and appear dirty. This will cause you to want to clean it more often to feel clean.

There are risks to washing your hair too frequently. Every time you wash your hair, you are stripping it of natural oils. This makes your hair dry out and become less healthy. Shampooing frequently is detrimental because of the high sulfates in shampoos. This is why I recommend WEN Cleansing Conditioner, which is not a shampoo so it does not contain harsh sulfates that strip your hair of natural oils.

Those who have dyed hair need to be extra cautious with the frequency of dying their hair. Water can significantly affect the color of your hair. When showering, after you wash it, do not let it sit under the water for too long. Certain chemicals in the dye are altered with water. Go to my next blog for tips about the temperature of your water!


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