What Water Temperature Do You Shower Under?

According to popular opinion, most people shower with hot water. In my survey conducted, 84.62% of the participants showered with hot, rather than cold water. Not too many people would say they shower with the freezing water, but lukewarm water is best for showering when your hair is dyed. Heat is detrimental to dyed hair, and hair in general. If you need extreme hot water when showering, that is fine. But, when you are cleaning out the soap of your hair just change to lukewarm or cold water. Hot water lifts the outer cuticle. The outer cuticle is the part of your hair that resembles the color you dyed it to. This is a prime reason as to why dyed hair fades quickly. To preserve your color for as long as you can, try to avoid the hot water! It is also important as to which tools you use on your hair when it is wet, look at this blog I will explain this further! To see some products that can help with heat damage, check out this blog.

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit signaturehardware.com


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