Benefits of Using Oil on Hair

Hair oils have an immense amount of positive effects. Applying oils to wet hair helps detangle it; after application it easy to brush your hair because there ar less knots. When brushing out knots, you are prone to breaking the ends of your hair. The less knots there are, the less breakage – the healthier your hair is. Another great benefit is that oils seal the cuticle of your hair, which adds protection. When you dye your hair you lift off the cuticle, so adding this extra level of oil adds a protectant that you once removed. Oils also help with split ends. The lipids in them bring the splits together and hold them together to reduce splitting. Applying oil makes your hair smoother too because its another conditioning layer. Since oils add extra layers of protectants, using them before applying heat tools (straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers) helps with not drying out your hair.

It is important to only apply the oil at the middle to ends of your hair. This is where your hair is most dry and where your hair begins to break off. Adding oils to the top of your head, right at the root will make your hair appear oily. At the root of your hair, oils are being secreted already, so there is no need for extra oil. Some products I recommend are Loma Oil Treatment, it can be bought on Amazon, I have used this product over the past few years and it really helps with reducing breakage and split ends. Right out of the shower, when my hair is wet I apply to middle to end shafts of my hair. It should be left in your hair, not rinsed out. This oil also brings shine and protects my hair from heat tools.71uyy0mnfwl-_sy679_

Another product is WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment; it can be bought on Amazon.This product should be applied to clean, wet hair – on all parts of your hair. Apply it to all parts of your hair, leave it in and then rinse it out 35-40 minutes later. It adds moisture and leaves your hair fresh, silky, and smooth. I use this product every few weeks, but can be more if desired.images

Using these products can really help if you style your hair a lot, check out How Often to Straighten, Curl, or Blow Dry Hair? for some tips to keep it healthy.

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