Benefits of Highlighting Rather than Dying your Whole Head

When beginning to dye your hair, may people just highlight instead of completely dying their whole head, called a single process. There are some key benefits to hair health by going this route. First off, there is a large chance that you might not life the outcome of your hair after it is done. If you only highlighted your hair, it is much easier to fix. With highlighting, you only pick certain parts of your hair. Another benefit is that less hair is dyed, so less hair is being stripped of natural oils. Thus, less hair is ultimately damaged in the process. Yes, over the course of highlighting, more and different strands will soon be touched, causing more damage, but overall it safer for your hair. When you do a single process, all of your hair is being affected which causes damage to all of your hair.

Other than being safer, and easier to fix in the event you do not like the outcome, highlighting gives a more natural look. It can be done subtly to give the effect that it is natural or done by the sun. Highlighting does not call to be retouched as often as dying your whole head. With highlights, you can allow your hair to grow out for weeks until having to retouch them. Highlights allow a mixture of color to your hair. I have various shades of blonde in my hair currently, which gives a natural look. The last time I got my hair touched up was nearly three months ago, and it is not as noticeable because it’s not such a contrast next to my roots. Opposed to single process, where the two colors (your dyed and natural) are right next to each other.

images-1                                                                 gettyimages-170007405

     Highlight                                                                                     Whole Head Dyed

Even though I am a firm believer in highlighting rather than single process, it is more expensive. Since highlighting is more tedious because the stylist has to pick small amounts of strands, it calls for more work – more money. Check out my blog on Costs of Dying Hair. I believe the money is worth it because your hair is healthier in the end, and I believe it comes out looking more natural. However, talk to your stylist and really listen o their opinion and what they think is best for your desired style. Check out my other blogs about highlighting!

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit 1 Pinterest 2 Marie Claire


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