Costs of Highlighting Hair

Dying your hair can be a costly endeavor. Cost is usually one of the factors that hold people back from dying their hair. I took a survey, streamed it on social media, and got 40 responses. One of the questions I asked was, how much do you pay to get your hair done, when it is being dyed? The most commonly chosen answer was $150. Majority of the people said they highlighted their hair. Highlighting is usually more expensive because it is a more tedious job. Instead of putting all the dye straight on the hair, highlighting consists of picking at certain strands.

I am not trying to shy people away from dying their hair. I believe if you want to dye it, then go for it! However, you do have to take into account future costs on your hair. Depending upon the style you choose, you may have to get your hair frequently. Make sure you can afford the prices, because if you cant then your hair might suffer!

Highlighting can be expensive, but there are other ways to lighten your hair, check out this blog for some tips.

Acknowledgement: Photo Credit to Ordoro


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