Different Types of Highlighting Techniques

“Highlighting” is a general term in the world of hair dying. Highlights are when small patches of hair are lighter than the color of the base of the hair. However, highlighting it not a simple process. There three main techniques of highlighting, they are balayage, foil, and lowlights.

Balayage styled highlights are not as specific. They are achieved by painting sections of hair with a brush, freely. The painted hair is then covered with cellophane. Balayage highlights are larger, but they finished product is somewhat different on everyone because the hair is painted freehandedly. It often produces a look similar to ombré, which is when the top of your hair is darker and the hair increases in lighter color as it goes down the strand.

Foil highlighting is used to achieve highlights all over your head, equally. This process is tedious – sections of hair are weaved out, painted with a lightener and then wrapped in tin foil. This technique is more strategic. The colorist knows exactly where the lightener and dye is going. This technique should be used if you desire a color that is blonder everywhere. Highlights are directly put on the top of your head, and throughout your hair, whereas balayage is mostly toward the middle to bottom of your hair. When I color my hair, I use the foil technique – it gives an overall impression that my hair is blonder, rather then just the tips of my hair is blonde.

Lowlights are applied when your hair might by too highlighted, or giving off just one color. They are the same as highlights, but instead of being a lighter color than your base, they are a darker color. Now I know it might sound odd to be getting a darker color, when you want o go lighter. However, lowlights add contrast to your color. Blondes usually various colors in their hair that are blended nicely together – dark and light colors. My hair is no one solid color, after having gotten highlights three times, some strands are lighter, others darker, others not even touched by dye! This is what adds charm to being blonde – it is not one, solid color. After had been highlighted multiple times, lowlights can be administered to add contrast so your hair isn’t one solid color.

tumblr_nskdzz2pit1tszwgjo1_1280                6-blonde-balayage-for-brown-hair             617aeb09b4e9a394095556446afafd8a

Foils                                            Balayage                                      Lowlights

These are the three main types of highlighting. No one goes and gets the same exact result. Each can me manipulated to your desired style. Choose the technique that corresponds most to what you actually want. Also, be sure to talk to your colorist so they know what you want! Read my next blog on how often you should be going for highlights! Also, read about the benefits of highlighting rather than dying your whole head.

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit to Pinterest


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