Healthy Alternatives to Enhancing Natural Highlights

Using chemicals on your hair can be scary, especially if you have never done it before. What will it look like? Will I like the way it came out? How I fix it if I don’t like it? Will my hair be dry and brittle after dying? These are all frightening when we are sitting in the salon chair about to make a very important decision. If you are thinking about highlighting your hair you can try using some at-home remedies to bring out some natural hair. (Note: these remedies only really work with light to medium brown hair and blonde hair.) Lemon juice works really well if enough is applied and your hair has the right amount of sun exposure. Easily spray it throughout your hair and allow your hair to sit in the sun. Your hair will slowly get lighter with more use and exposure. Chamomile tea also helps lighten your hair, even if it has been highlighted professionally. Brew 4-5 tea bags and allow it to cool, and then dip your hair in and do not rinse it out. Some people mix it with yogurt and run it through their hair. Also, you can mix the lemon juice and the chamomile together and apply it. To buy lemon juice, click here . To buy chamomile tea, click here.

These at home remedies will work over time and with constant use. I am by no means saying that you will become a blonde overnight or have perfect looking highlights. However, your hair will start to have a lighter pigmentation over time. I used both before and my hair did become somewhat lighter. The lighter your hair is before using these products, the easier it is to become lighter. If your hair is jet black, sorry but this will not work, you will need to bleach your hair in order to become lighter. Also, these remedies are not chemicals, so their results will fade if they aren’t constantly applied. If you want long lasting results you will need to actually dye your hair.Check out some of these techniques so you can get an idea of what you want.

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