How Not to Color Your Hair

We have all been there – wanting to color our hair, specifically highlight out hair. But, we do not want to pay an absurd amount of money or have to make several trips to the salon to keep up with our different colored roots. Many people then opt for self-done products that highlight on their own. A specific product many girls use is SunIn. SunIn is self-lightener; it brings out your natural highlights. It is recommended for blonde to medium brown hair color. If your hair is not blonde or medium brown and you sue SunIn it can begin to turn your hair red or orange. I am not going to bash this product, but I will give some advice on how to use it, how frequently to use it, and the risks associate with the product. SunIn is heat-activated, when you spray it and go in the sun or apply a blow dryer, you will get permanent results. The reason you get permanent results is because it contains hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is used in the bleach that some people use to remove the natural pigment of their hair. In order to do this, the outer layer of the hair is stripped. Although hydrogen peroxide is used when you highlight your hair at the salon, it is used in a safer way and mixed with other chemicals that minimize the damage done. Also, it is used in a safer dosage, by the working of a professional.


I am not saying you should never use SunIn, but I do have some unfortunate experience with the product. The summer going into my freshman year of high school, I used SunIn religiously. I sprayed my hair almost every day and was always in the sun. I even blow-dried my hair with it straight out of the shower. My natural color, a dirty blonde, did change to a blonder dirty blonde. However, my excessive use made my hair extremely dry and began to turn my hair orange-yellow. When school began and I no longer was at the beach, allowing my hair to soak every inch of sun it could get, my roots grew in. Against my now blonde-orange-yellow hair, they looked even darker. I made my first trip to the salon to get lowlights to try and mask the horrible color I had. My hair eventually grew out (took 2 and a half years completely) and I regained my natural color again.

I know my experience is not the same as every person who has used SunIn. However, it is not as uncommon as you think. A friend of mine used it as a young teenager, and had to go to the salon to fix her roots because they were now not the same color as her hair. But instead of getting lowlights she began to just regularly dye her hair, and has been doing so ever since.

So, if you really do want to exaggerate your natural highlights, use it. But be sure to not use at the root of your head. Spray at the bottoms and spray specific pieces that your want to enhance. But please do not use an excessive amount and be careful! The results will be permanent, and your hair will become dry from using it. If you want some tips on some healthy alternatives to enhance natural highlights read my other blog! If you want to try and dye it on your own to save money, check out this blog for some precautions.

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit to Amazon



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