How Often to Highlight Your Hair

One reason that holds people back from dying their hair is the fact they would have to keep going back to dye it. However, not every hairstyle calls for constant re-dye. Many people get highlights and allow them to grow out. Frequency of highlighting depends upon how many highlights you get, how large of a strand you highlighted, and whichever style you desire.

Usually people get highlights to just lighten up their darker-based hair. If this is your desired style, then you won’t need to go that often. These usual styles are smaller strands of hair taken – so less highlights. Since it doesn’t drastically change your color, they blend in and grow out nicely.

Other times, people get their whole head highlighted. In this case, much more of the top of your head is covered. Since more of the top of your head is covered, there is more of a contrast to your darker roots. This calls for more trips to the salon. However, not as much as getting your entire head highlighted. If done well, highlights blend nicely with your hair. You can go without getting them touched up for as long as three months! When getting your whole heads dyed, you need to go every 4-6 weeks. Even though you can go long without getting them redone, most people go about every 2 months. However, lately there have been many trends of allowing your roots to come in a bit. Not coming in as halfway down your head, but it is not as big of a deal as it once was, or how what some might think. So really, it just depends on your style preference, if you want to maintain your highlights, and be as blonde as possible, you might have to go more frequently. If you just want subtle highlights that juts brighten your face, then you want need to go as often. When making such a commitment, like dying your hair, knowing the how much upkeep you will need is important. Hair maintenance is a huge factor in costs! Check out Costs of Highlighting Hair to see how expensive dying your hair might be.


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