What to Use When Brushing Your Hair

In order to keep looking and feeling healthy, the type of brush you use is important. Many people go to brush their hair right after they get out of the shower. This is wrong. When your hair is wet it is more vulnerable to being stretched and broken. Colored hair is even more susceptible to breakage because it is already stripped of natural oils from when it was dyed. It is safest to wait at least 5-10 minutes after the shower to brush it.

There are specific brushes to use on wet hair. The Wet Brush is perfect to use on wet hair. I myself use it on wet and dry hair because of its technology. It is made a thin, bendable bristles that do not pull at your hair. When you use it they flow through the hair by not ripping at it. This prevents breakage and split ends, immensely. Other brushes have such restrictive bristles, which pull and rip at your hair to get the knots out, thus breaking the hair. Combing your hair is always a safe option to prevent breakage. Wide toothed combs work best because they will not get stuck on the little knots and rip at them to break your hair. A top recommended comb is the Ouidad Double Detangler.  It is most important to always start from the bottom when beginning to brush your hair and pick at the sections that need most help with knots. If you begin to comb at the roots you will just pull on the knots more, thus stretching the hair, inevitably breaking and ripping at the strands.

For other ideas on how to keep your hair health, check this blog out.

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit naturalhairwigs


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