Can Hair be Dyed if you have the Keratin Treatment?

            Many women with curly, thick hair get a keratin treatment so their hair is straighter and more manageable than before. Keratin smoothens out hair so it is left looking healthier. By getting a keratin treatment your hair is more easily styled. Keratin is already in your hair, but people with straighter hair have more of it. By getting this treatment, you are simply adding more keratin to your hair. It is a treatment to mend damaged hair.

Concerning colored and dyed hair a keratin treatment is helpful. They are most popular with frizzy, curly hair but since it mends broken and damaged hair, it can be used to fix p chemically treated hair. The keratin treatment helps maintain the color of your hair by sealing it in. It is recommended to color your hair after your keratin treatment. However, if you decide to color your hair then decide you want a keratin treatment, wait about two weeks. For more information on the keratin treatment, check out Folica.

Here are some before and after pictures with the Keratin Treatment, credit botoxforhair.netkeratin-treatment-before-and-after2.jpg

The keratin treatment is a great way to restore health, but check out my blog on oilwater temperature and brushes, to see how you can be pre-cautious with hair health!

Acknowledgment: Photo Credit InStlye


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