Does Chlorine Damage Dyed Hair?

Chlorine is a bleaching chemical found in pools. It is not safe on non-dyed hair, therefore it is not safe on dyed hair. It is yet another harmful agent that strips hair of natural oils, causing it to become brittle and very dry. Dyed hair is already vulnerable because of the dye, which strips its natural oils, adding chlorine to the mix is just fueling the fire. It is a major reason why so many people with dyed hair have dry hair. Many people forget that it can be so harmful to hair!

In order to prevent such harmful side effects, don’t get your hair wet in the pool. This isn’t the best advice because even I can’t manage to do that. I swim all the time in the summer, I always try not to get it wet but people splash or it becomes too annoying. If this sounds like you, then wear a swim cap. This also might not sound that appealing, but don’t worry there are other options. Before going in the chlorinated water, saturate your hair with water. If your hair is already very wet, it wont be able to soak up as much of chlorinated water. After you get out of the pool, saturate your hair again. Immediately rinse out your hair with clean non-chlorinated water, this will rinse out the chlorine and lessen its effects. If shampoo or conditioner is nearby then use that too on your hair. Cleaning your hair as soon as possible is the best way to make sure there is the least amount of chlorine affecting your hair. A special shampoo to use when cleaning after being in contact with chlorine is Ultra Swim, which adds moisture back to your hair. It’s even recommended for color treated hair.It can be bought on Amazon.


Photo from Amazon.

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