Does Dying Your Hair Make You Lose it earlier in Life?

Hair loss is different for all people. There’s not a set age or time in our lives when we automatically lose our hair. Hair loss is hereditary or it can be lost due to certain diseases or conditions. However, dying your hair will not cause hair loss. The only effect dye has on your hair is protein loss. After several times of being dyed, your hair begins to thin out. You are not losing hair; your hair is simply getting thinner. Hence, it appears as though you do not have as much hair.

Because of hair thinning after dyes, many colorists don’t always condone people dying their hair if it is already thin. If you have extremely thin hair, it might not be best to start dying because your hair will just thin out even more which might not look how you want it to. But, like always, talk to a professional for the best answers. Look at my other blog about hair growth!


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