How Often to Straighten, Curl, or Blow Dry Hair?

Applying excessive heat to any hair is not helpful. When heat is applied to dyed hair, its even worse. Dyed hair is already stripped of its natural protectants, it must be stripped or else it would never be able to hold to color of the dye you chose. Every colorist will frown upon the use of heat tools, especially the straighteners and curling irons. Straighteners’ metal plates clamping on your hair cause breakage. Constant use of these products can cause hair to burn (if bleached) and break. Blow dryers can dull hair color and make your hair brassy.

I know it can be inconvenient to be told not to use heat products. I’m guilty of using them, and my hair has been dyed multiple times. It’s just not wise to use these products every day. Professionals say about one to two times a week is okay for heat products, but if it can be avoided, then avoid using them!

Check out this blog to see how to protect your hair from these tools.

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