Styling Products to Use on Dyed Hair

A huge reason why hair straighteners are so damaging is because of the temperature of the straighteners. With dyed hair, it is best to lower the heat to 180 degrees or lower. Since dyed hair is so vulnerable already, if you apply heat as hot as 450 degrees is extremely damaging. Straighteners these days are so popular and there are so many brands to choose from – I use Sutra. Sutra uses ceramic plates and FAR-Infrared Technology. This system does not damage hair, it’s more of a steaming sensation rather then burning. This straightener can be bought on Amazon.

Photo from Amazon

It is also very mportant to use a serum before styling with heat products. Serums add an extra layer of protectant to your hair before the heat is applied. Using a serum does not mean that your hair will not get damaged; it just means that it will be damaged less. A good serum to use is Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex, it can be bought on Amazon. Before using any heating tools, apply this serum throughout all your hair. It is imperative to sue the serum if you want to try and keep your hair as healthy as possible!

Photo from Amazon

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