Will the Sun Affect the Color of my Dyed Hair?

Yes! The sun is very damaging. The sun is not only damaging to your skin and eyes but it is very damaging to your dyed hair! The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very destructive on our dyed hair. They make colors fade and also dry hair out as well. In order to keep your hair color from fading, you have to take precaution. Use ultraviolet protectants, which also contain vitamins A, C, and E. A good hair product to help protect from the sun is got2b Styltini 24 Hour Strengthener, which can be bought on Amazon. If you do not wan to use products, then make sure to limit your time in the sun, or wear a hat instead.For more tips, look at Best Tips for Protecting Your Hair from the Sun.

Acknowledgment: greenblender.com


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